A new life… A new beginning…
A special story yet to be told…

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a newly arrived little one to the world and into your family and community.

It is an occasion full of joy and fun… of togetherness and support. For many families it is the perfect alternative to a traditional ritual such as a christening.

There are no rules about what should be included in a naming ceremony, apart from that it must be really good fun and a bit of a party!  There can be music, poetry, readings, games, songs, stories, blessings, prayers and much more besides. For me as an ex children’s entertainer, clown and storyteller, the more fun the better!

Everyone can play a part on the day… parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters or friends.  Those present can express hopes and wishes for the future of our namee and agree to be there for them in the future.

You might also like your child to have the particular ongoing support of friends or family members who will become their designated Godparents, Guide Parents or Odd Parents. Whatever title you settle the role remains pretty similar.

But namings aren’t just for little ones. Perhaps the time is now right to celebrate and older child’s change of name or family arrangements. Or to maybe an adult has reached a milestone that involves a new name or identity.

Whatever the circumstances  a naming ceremony is the perfect way to bring family and friends together to celebrate that unique and remarkable person, big or small, and to make a commitment to being there for them in the years to come.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for today’s beautiful ceremony as I didn’t get a chance to thank you earlier – It couldn’t have been better… Everybody thought it was perfect!”

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