My name is James Easton and I’m an Independent Celebrant…

Typically I officiate at celebrations across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes… but I like to travel too so happy to have a conversation if your venue is further afield.

In every celebration there is a story to be told…Of Love and happiness, of triumph over adversity, of a life well lived, or of adventures still to come.

It’s only fair then that I share a little of my story with you…

I became a celebrant in 2016 after a chance encounter and conversation with a friend who suggested that it would be the perfect new challenge for me…and how right she was! I feel very lucky to have found myself doing something I love and that suits me so well.

I’m proud to have trained with and to be a member of the Fellowship Of  Professional Celebrants but other experiences have also equipped also me for this role. In fact I feel like I’ve been preparing for it all my life.

I’ve always been ready to try new things, whether it be military service in my teens, carefree times spent travelling the world, or wonderful adventures with alternative lifestyles as a new age traveller and commune dweller.

In the late eighties I ran away to circus school on the way to becoming a juggler, street entertainer, professional storyteller and festival organiser. Then later when family responsibilities kicked a new career beckoned in social work, managing teams and supporting children and young people. It was demanding but rewarding work.

Although I am extremely organised and professional, at home I’m still a bit of a hippy at heart. In fact my kids joke with me that it’s been hard for them to find anything to rebel against!… My Glastonbury days are probably behind me now but when I have a bit of downtime I’m still happy to chill in a festival field, give my juggling clubs an airing, or to trek off into the mountains.

I give it my all in my celebrant role and never stop looking for those special little touches that will take a ceremony to another level. Small details in the choreography, symbolism, music or timing, and of course the fun stuff too!

It is always hugely satisfying when everything comes together on the day and those very special memories are created.

I would be delighted to help you mark your very important occasion, whatever it may be, so please feel free to call or message me if you’d like to know more.

I look forward to hearing from you!

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for today’s beautiful ceremony as I didn’t get a chance to thank you earlier – It couldn’t have been better… Everybody thought it was perfect!”

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